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Yes, faith, and all his lords, the Duke of Milan
And his brave son being twain.
Yes, indeed, and all the King’s men, the Duke of Milan and his fine son too.


(aside)   The Duke of Milan
And his more braver daughter could control thee
If now ’twere fit to do ’t! At the first sight
They have changed eyes.—Delicate Ariel,
I’ll set thee free for this.
  A word, good sir.
I fear you have done yourself some wrong. A word.
(to himself) The real Duke of Milan and his far finer daughter could beat you in a heartbeat, if it were the right time. They’ve fallen in love at first sight!—Wonderful Ariel, I’ll set you free for doing such good work here. (to FERDINAND) Could I have a word with you, sir? I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake. Just a word.


(aside) Why speaks my father so ungently? This
Is the third man that e'er I saw, the first
That e'er I sighed for. Pity move my father
To be inclined my way!
(to herself) Why is my father speaking to him so rudely? This is the third man I’ve ever seen in my life, and the first one I’ve felt romantic feelings for. I hope my father takes pity on me and treats him well for my sake!

    Oh, if a virgin,
And your affection not gone forth, I’ll make you
The queen of Naples.
Oh, if you’re a virgin, and you haven’t given your heart to another man, then I’ll make you the queen of Naples.


  Soft, sir! One word more.
They are both in either’s powers, but this swift business
I must uneasy make lest too light winning
Make the prize light.
   One word more. I charge thee
That thou attend me. Thou dost here usurp
The name thou owest not, and hast put thyself
Upon this island as a spy to win it
From me, the lord on ’t.
Hang on, sir! Just a moment. (to himself) They’re both in love. But I need to cause a little trouble between them, or else they’ll never appreciate the value of their love. (to FERDINAND) I need a word with you, sir. I order you to listen to me. You’re calling yourself by a name that doesn’t belong to you. You’ve come onto this island as a spy, to snatch it away from me—I’m the rightful lord of it.

No, as I am a man!
No, I swear, that’s not true!

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The Tempest (No Fear Shakespeare)